So, what is your brand story?

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So, what is your brand story?

Do you have one?

If not you really need one as a small business owner.
Storytelling isn’t a new word. It’s something we’ve done as humans since our earliest days. It’s part of how we learn about where we came from for example. It’s interesting how it has now been adopted in the business and branding world.
When we think about branding, some of us tend to only think of the logo. Your logo could be the most attractive one but there’s something else beyond that...the story!
Your story is what your brand is built on.
So, how can you tell a story if you don’t know who you’re talking to?
That’s where as a Story crafter, Tale teller and Content creator, I work with a client to first understand their story then that helps me craft the best story that will please their existing customers as they look forward to attracting more.
I am keen on details like why you do what you do. Who you do it for. How it makes you feel and how it makes your customers feel.
From a personal experience, trends have come and gone but the stories leave an impact and we rarely forget a good story.
IF YOU WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE TOPIC OF STORYTELLING IN BRANDING or would like support in crafting your brand story, send me an email and let’s work on your brand story.




I teach people how to unplug, rest and recharge.

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I teach people how to unplug, rest and recharge.

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