Photographing Dramatic Skies

I have realized skies are one of my favourite subjects due to their sheer variety.

The interesting colours and textures make for some truly awe-inspiring photos.

In my view, skies are always evolving. The changing weather conditions, the time, cloud formations, and lighting ensure that there is always something unique and fresh to photograph.

It hasn’t been easy to capture a dramatic sky in all its glory, as sometimes it can be disappointing when a seemingly fascinating sky scene results in a drab, flat, uninspiring photograph when you are viewing them.

Sky photography takes practice and I am willing to keep practicing that.

I am a sunrise chaser as they generally give the most dramatic skies. I’m also fascinated by clouds as they add interesting shapes and textures to the photo, and help to break up the monotone flatness of the sky with changes in colour.

Here’s my favorite Dramatic Skies Photo Collection.

Enjoy 😜




I teach people how to unplug, rest and recharge.

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I teach people how to unplug, rest and recharge.

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